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string.decode() - string


The method decode() decodes the string using the codec registered for encoding. It defaults to the default string encoding.

  • encoding -- This is the encodings to be used. For a list of all encoding schemes please visit: Standard Encodings.

  • errors -- This may be given to set a different error handling scheme. The default for errors is 'strict', meaning that encoding errors raise a UnicodeError. Other possible values are 'ignore', 'replace', 'xmlcharrefreplace', 'backslashreplace' and any other name registered via codecs.register_error()..





Str = "this is string!!!";
Str = Str.encode('base64','strict');

print "Encoded String: " + Str
print "Decoded String: " + Str.decode('base64','strict')

Output / Return Value

Decoded string.

Encoded String: dGhpcyBpcyBzdHJpbmcgZXhhbXBsZS4uLi53b3chISE= Decoded String: this is string!!!


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