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os.fstatvfs() - os


The method fstatvfs() returns information about the file system containing the file associated with file descriptor fd. This returns the following sturcture:

  • f_bsize: file system block size

  • f_frsize: fragment size

  • f_blocks: size of fs in f_frsize units

  • f_bfree: free blocks

  • f_bavail: free blocks for non-root

  • f_files: inodes

  • f_ffree: free inodes

  • f_favail: free inodes for non-root

  • f_fsid: file system ID

  • f_flag: mount flags

  • f_namemax: maximum filename length





import os, sys

# Open a file
fd = "foo.txt", os.O_RDWR|os.O_CREAT )

# Now get  the touple
info = os.fstatvfs(fd)

print "File Info :", info

# Now get maximum filename length
print "Maximum filename length :%d" % info.f_namemax:

# Now get free blocks
print "Free blocks :%d" % info.f_bfree

# Close opened file
os.close( fd)

Output / Return Value

When we run above program, it produces following result:

File Info : (4096, 4096, 2621440L, 1113266L, 1113266L, 8929602L, 8764252L, 8764252L, 0, 255) Maximum filename length :255 Free blocks :1113266


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