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substr_count() - string

substr_count() returns the number of times the
   needle substring occurs in the
   haystack string. Please note that
   needle is case sensitive.
Parameters :
  • haystack - The string to search in
  • needle - The substring to search for
  • offset - The offset where to start counting
  • length - The maximum length after the specified offset to search for the substring. It outputs a warning if the offset plus the length is greater than the haystack length.

  • Syntax

    int substr_count
        ( string $haystack
       , string $needle
       [, int $offset = 0
       [, int $length
      ]] )


    <?php$text = 'This is a test';echo strlen($text); // 14echo substr_count($text, 'is'); // 2// the string is reduced to 's is a test', so it prints 1echo substr_count($text, 'is', 3);// the text is reduced to 's i', so it prints 0echo substr_count($text, 'is', 3, 3);// generates a warning because 5+10 > 14echo substr_count($text, 'is', 5, 10);// prints only 1, because it doesn't count overlapped substrings$text2 = 'gcdgcdgcd';echo substr_count($text2, 'gcdgcd');?>

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