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strripos() - string

Find the numeric position of the last occurrence of
   needle in the haystack string.
Parameters :
  • haystack - The string to search in.
  • needle - If needle is not a string, it is converted to an integer and applied as the ordinal value of a character.
  • offset - If specified, search will start this number of characters counted from the beginning of the string. If the value is negative, search will instead start from that many characters from the end of the string, searching backwards.

  • Syntax

    int strripos
        ( string $haystack
       , string $needle
       [, int $offset = 0
      ] )


    <?php$haystack = 'ababcd';$needle   = 'aB';$pos      = strripos($haystack, $needle);if ($pos === false) {    echo "Sorry, we did not find ($needle) in ($haystack)";} else {    echo "Congratulations!\n";    echo "We found the last ($needle) in ($haystack) at position ($pos)";}?>

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