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strrchr() - string

This function returns the portion of haystack which
   starts at the last occurrence of needle and goes
   until the end of haystack.
Parameters :
  • haystack - The string to search in
  • needle - If needle contains more than one character, only the first is used. This behavior is different from that of strstr(). If needle is not a string, it is converted to an integer and applied as the ordinal value of a character.

  • Syntax

    string strrchr
        ( string $haystack
       , mixed $needle


    <?php// get last directory in $PATH$dir = substr(strrchr($PATH, ":"), 1);// get everything after last newline$text = "Line 1\nLine 2\nLine 3";$last = substr(strrchr($text, 10), 1 );?>

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