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tukeywin() - Signal Processing

w = tukeywin(L,r) returns
an L-point Tukey window in the column vector, w.
A Tukey window is a rectangular window with the first and last r/2 percent
of the samples equal to parts of a cosine. See Definitions for the equation that defines the Tukey window. r is
a real number between 0 and 1. If you input r ≤ 0, you obtain a rectwin window. If you input r ≥ 1, you obtain a hann window. r defaults
to 0.5.


w = tukeywin(L,r)


Tukey WindowsOpen This Example
Compute 128-point Tukey windows with five different values of r, or "tapers." Display the results using wvtool.
L = 128;
t0 = tukeywin(L,0);        % Equivalent to a rectangular window
t25 = tukeywin(L,0.25);
t5 = tukeywin(L);          % r = 0.5
t75 = tukeywin(L,0.75);
t1 = tukeywin(L,1);        % Equivalent to a Hann window

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