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strips() - Signal Processing

strips(x) plots vector x in
horizontal strips of length 250. If x is a matrix, strips(x) plots
each column of x. The left-most column (column
1) is the top horizontal strip.strips(x,n) plots vector x in
strips that are each n samples long.strips(x,sd,fs) plots vector x in
strips of duration sd seconds, given a sampling
frequency of fs samples per second.strips(x,sd,fs,scale) scales
the vertical axes.If x is a matrix, strips(x,n), strips(x,sd,fs),
and strips(x,sd,fs,scale) plot the different columns
of x on the same strip plot.strips ignores the imaginary part of complex-valued x.




Strip Plot of Frequency-Modulated SinusoidOpen This ExamplePlot two seconds of a frequency-modulated sinusoid in 0.25 second strips. Specify a sample rate of 1 kHz.fs = 1000;
t = 0:1/fs:2;
x = vco(sin(2*pi*t),[10 490],fs);


Strip Plot of Speech SignalOpen This Example
Load a speech signal sampled at 
. The file contains a recording of a female voice saying the word "MATLABĀ®."
load mtlb
Plot the signal in 0.18 second long strips.strips(mtlb,0.18,Fs)

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