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sptool() - Signal Processing

The command, sptool, opens SPTool, a suite
of four tools: Signal Browser, Filter Design and Analysis Tool, FVTool,
and Spectrum Viewer. These tools provide access to many of the signal,
filter, and spectral analysis functions in the toolbox. When you type sptool at
the command line, the SPTool suite opens.
Using SPTool, you can: Analyze signals listed in the Signals list
box with the Signal Browser.Design or edit filters with the Filter Design and
Analysis Tool (includes a Pole/Zero Editor). Analyze filter responses for filters listed in the Filters list
box with FVTool. Apply filters in the Filters list
box to signals in the Signals list box. Create and analyze signal spectra with the Spectrum
Viewer. Print the Signal Browser, Filter Design and Analysis
Tool, and Spectrum Viewer. You can activate all four integrated signal processing tools
from SPTool. Signal BrowserFilter Design and Analysis ToolFilter Visualization ToolSpectrum Viewer




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