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nuttallwin() - Signal Processing

w = nuttallwin(N) returns
a Nuttall defined N-point, 4-term symmetric Blackman-Harris
window in the column vector w. The window is minimum
in the sense that its maximum sidelobes are minimized. The coefficients
for this window differ from the Blackman-Harris window coefficients
computed with blackmanharris and
produce slightly lower sidelobes.w = nuttalwin(N,SFLAG) uses SFLAG window
sampling. SFLAG can be 'symmetric' or 'periodic'.
The default is 'symmetric'. You can find the equations
defining the symmetric and periodic windows in Definitions.


w = nuttallwin(N)w = nuttalwin(N,SFLAG)


Nuttall and Blackman-Harris WindowsOpen This Example
Compare 64-point Nuttall and Blackman-Harris windows. Plot them using wvtool.
L = 64;
w = blackmanharris(L);
y = nuttallwin(L);

Compute the maximum difference between the two windows.max(abs(y-w))

ans =


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