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lsf2poly() - Signal Processing

a = lsf2poly(lsf) returns
a vector, a, containing the prediction filter coefficients
from the vector, lsf, of line spectral frequencies.
If lsf is a matrix of size M × N with separate
channels of line spectral frequencies in each column, the returned a matrix
has the resulting prediction filter coefficients as its rows and is
of size N × (M + 1).


a = lsf2poly(lsf)


Prediction Coefficients from Line Spectral FrequenciesOpen This Example
Given a vector, lsf, of line spectral frequencies, determine the equivalent prediction filter coefficients.
lsf = [0.7842 1.5605 1.8776 1.8984 2.3593];
a = lsf2poly(lsf)

a =

    1.0000    0.6148    0.9899    0.0001    0.0031   -0.0081

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