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impinvar() - Signal Processing

[bz,az] = impinvar(b,a,fs) creates a digital
filter with numerator and denominator coefficients bz and az,
respectively, whose impulse response is equal to the impulse response
of the analog filter with coefficients b and a,
scaled by 1/fs. If you leave out the argument fs,
or specify fs as the empty vector [],
it takes the default value of 1 Hz. [bz,az] = impinvar(b,a,fs,tol) uses the tolerance
specified by tol to determine whether poles are
repeated. A larger tolerance increases the likelihood that impinvar interprets
closely located poles as multiplicities (repeated ones). The default
is 0.001, or 0.1% of a pole's magnitude. Note that the accuracy of
the pole values is still limited to the accuracy obtainable by the roots function.


[bz,az] = impinvar(b,a,fs)[bz,az] = impinvar(b,a,fs,tol)


[b,a] = butter(4,0.3,'s');
[bz,az] = impinvar(b,a,10);

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