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gaussdesign() - Signal Processing

exampleh = gaussdesign(bt,span,sps) designs
a lowpass FIR Gaussian pulse-shaping filter and returns a vector, h,
of filter coefficients. The filter is truncated to span symbols,
and each symbol period contains sps samples.
The order of the filter, sps*span, must be even.


h = gaussdesign(bt,span,sps) example


Gaussian Filter for a GSM GMSK Digital Cellular Communication SystemOpen This Example
Specify that the modulation used to transmit the bits is a Gaussian minimum-shift keying (GMSK) pulse. This pulse has a 3-dB bandwidth equal to 0.3 of the bit rate. Truncate the filter to 4 symbols and represent each symbol with 8 samples.
bt = 0.3;
span = 4;
sps = 8;
h = gaussdesign(bt,span,sps);

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