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dpssdir() - Signal Processing

dpssdir manages the database directory that
contains the generated DPSS samples in the DPSS MAT-file database dpss.mat.
Create the DPSS MAT-file database with dpsssave.dpssdir lists the directory
of saved sequences in dpss.mat.dpssdir(n)  lists the sequences
saved with length n.dpssdir(nw,'nw') lists
the sequences saved with time-bandwidth product nw.dpssdir(n,nw)  lists the
sequences saved with length n and time-bandwidth
product nw.index = dpssdir is
a structure array describing the DPSS database. Pass n and nw options
as for the no output case to get a filtered index.


dpssdirdpssdir(n)dpssdir(nw,'nw')dpssdir(n,nw)index = dpssdir


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