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czt() - Signal Processing

y = czt(x,m,w,a) returns the
chirp Z-transform of signal x. The chirp Z-transform
is the Z-transform of x along a spiral contour
defined by w and a. m is a scalar that specifies the length of the transform, w is
the ratio between points along the z-plane spiral
contour of interest, and scalar a is the complex
starting point on that contour. The contour, a spiral or "chirp"
in the z-plane, is given byz = a*(w.^-(0:m-1))
y = czt(x) uses
the following default values:m = length(x)w = exp(-j*2*pi/m)a = 1With these defaults, czt returns the Z-transform
of x at m equally spaced points
around the unit circle. This is equivalent to the discrete Fourier
transform of x, or fft(x).
The empty matrix [] specifies the default value
for a parameter.If x is a matrix, czt(x,m,w,a) transforms
the columns of x.


y = czt(x,m,w,a)y = czt(x)


z = a*(w.^-(0:m-1))

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