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cell2sos() - Signal Processing

m = cell2sos(c) changes
a 1-by-L cell array c consisting
of 1-by-2 cell arrays into an L-by-6 second-order
section matrix m. Matrix m takes
the same form as the matrix generated by tf2sos.
You can use m = cell2sos(c) to invert
the results of c = sos2cell(m).c must be a cell array of the formc = { {b1 a1} {b2 a2} ... {bL aL} }
where both bi and ai are
row vectors of at most length 3, and i = 1, 2, ..., L. The resulting matrix m is
given bym = [b1 a1;b2 a2; ... ;bL aL]


m = cell2sos(c)


c = { {b1 a1} {b2 a2} ... {bL aL} }

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