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blackman() - Signal Processing

w = blackman(N) returns
the N-point symmetric Blackman window in the
column vector w, where N is
a positive integer. w = blackman(N,SFLAG) 
returns an N-point Blackman window using the
window sampling specified by 'sflag', which can
be either 'periodic' or 'symmetric' (the
default). The 'periodic' flag is useful for DFT/FFT
purposes, such as in spectral analysis. The DFT/FFT contains an implicit
periodic extension and the periodic flag enables a signal windowed
with a periodic window to have perfect periodic extension. When 'periodic' is
specified, blackman computes a length N+1 window
and returns the first N points. When using windows
for filter design, the 'symmetric' flag should
be used. See Definitions for a description
of the difference between the symmetric and periodic windows.Note  

If you specify a one-point window (set N = 1),
the value 1 is returned.


w = blackman(N)w = blackman(N,SFLAG)


Blackman WindowOpen This Example
Create a 64-point Blackman window. Display the result using wvtool.
L = 64;

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