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barthannwin() - Signal Processing

w = barthannwin(L) returns
an L-point modified Bartlett-Hann window in the
column vector w. Like Bartlett, Hann, and Hamming
windows, this window has a mainlobe at the origin and asymptotically
decaying sidelobes on both sides. It is a linear combination of weighted
Bartlett and Hann windows with near sidelobes lower than both Bartlett
and Hann and with far sidelobes lower than both Bartlett and Hamming
windows. The mainlobe width of the modified Bartlett-Hann window is
not increased relative to either Bartlett or Hann window mainlobes.Note  

The Hann window is also called the Hanning window.


w = barthannwin(L)


Bartlett-Hann WindowOpen This Example
Create a 64-point Bartlett-Hann window. Display the result using wvtool.
L = 64;

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