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ac2poly() - Signal Processing

a = ac2poly(r) finds
the linear prediction FIR filter polynomial, a,
corresponding to the autocorrelation sequence r. a is
the same length as r, and a(1) = 1. The polynomial
represents the coefficients of a prediction filter that outputs a
signal with autocorrelation sequence approximately equal to r.[a,efinal] = ac2poly(r) returns
the final prediction error, efinal, determined
by running the filter for length(r) steps.


a = ac2poly(r)[a,efinal] = ac2poly(r)


Prediction Polynomial from Autocorrelation SequenceOpen This Example
Given an autocorrelation sequence, r, determine the equivalent linear prediction filter polynomial and the final prediction error.
r = [5.0000 -1.5450 -3.9547 3.9331 1.4681 -4.7500];

[a,efinal] = ac2poly(r)

a =

    1.0000    0.6147    0.9898    0.0004    0.0034   -0.0077

efinal =


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