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whitepoint() - Image Processing

xyz = whitepoint(string) returns xyz,
a three-element row vector of XYZ values scaled
so that Y = 1. string specifies
the white reference illuminant. The following table lists all the
possible values for string. The default value is
enclosed in braces ({}).ValueDescription
'a'CIE standard illuminant A
'c'CIE standard illuminant C
'd50' CIE standard illuminant D50
'd55'CIE standard illuminant D55
'd65'CIE standard illuminant D65
{'icc'}ICC standard profile connection space illuminant; a 16-bit
fractional approximation of D50
xyz = whitepoint  is the
same as xyz = whitepoint('icc').


xyz = whitepoint(string)xyz = whitepoint


wp_icc = whitepoint

wp_icc =

    0.9642    1.0000    0.8249

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