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rsetwrite() - Image Processing

rsetfile = rsetwrite(File_Name), where File_Name is
a TIFF or NITF image file, creates a reduced resolution data set (R-Set)
from the specified file. The R-Set file is written to the current
working directory with a name based on the input file name. For example,
if File_Name is 'VeryLargeImage.tiff', rsetfile will
be 'VeryLargeImage.rset'. If an image file contains
multiple images, only the first one is used.rsetfile = rsetwrite(File_Name, output_filename) creates
an R-Set from the specified image file, using output_filename as
the name of the new file. In this case, rsetfile and output_filename contain
the same string.rsetfile = rsetwrite(adapter, output_filename) creates
an R-Set from the specified Image Adapter object, adapter.
Image Adapters are user-defined classes that provide rsetwrite a
common API for reading a particular image file format. See the documentation
for ImageAdapter for more


rsetfile = rsetwrite(File_Name)rsetfile = rsetwrite(File_Name, output_filename)rsetfile = rsetwrite(adapter, output_filename)


big_file = 'MyReallyBigImage.tif';
rset_file = rsetwrite(big_file);

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