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radon() - Image Processing

R = radon(I, theta) returns
the Radon transform R of the intensity image I for
the angle theta degrees.The Radon transform is the projection of the image intensity
along a radial line oriented at a specific angle. If theta is
a scalar, R is a column vector containing the Radon
transform for theta degrees. If theta is
a vector, R is a matrix in which each column is
the Radon transform for one of the angles in theta.
If you omit theta, it defaults to 0:179.[R,xp] = radon(...) returns
a vector xp containing the radial coordinates corresponding
to each row of R.The radial coordinates returned in xp are
the values along the x'-axis,
which is oriented at theta degrees counterclockwise
from the x-axis. The origin of both axes is the
center pixel of the image, which is defined asfloor((size(I)+1)/2)For example, in a 20-by-30 image, the center pixel is (10,15).[___]= radon(gpuarrayI,theta) performs
the Radon transform on a GPU. The input image and the return values
are 2-D gpuArrays. theta can be a double or
gpuArray of underlying class double. This syntax
requires the Parallel Computing Toolbox™.


R = radon(I, theta)[R,xp] = radon(...)[___]= radon(gpuarrayI,theta)



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