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iptaddcallback() - Image Processing

ID = iptaddcallback(h,callback,func_handle) adds
the function handle  func_handle to the list of
functions to be called when the callback specified by callback executes. callback is
a string specifying the name of a callback property of the Handle
Graphics object specified by the handle h.iptaddcallback returns a unique callback
identifier, ID, that can be used with iptremovecallback to
remove the function from the callback list.iptaddcallback can be useful when you need
to notify more than one tool about the same callback event for a single


ID = iptaddcallback(h,callback,func_handle)


h = figure;
f1 = @(varargin) disp('Callback 1');
f2 = @(varargin) disp('Callback 2');
iptaddcallback(h, 'WindowButtonMotionFcn', f1);
iptaddcallback(h, 'WindowButtonMotionFcn', f2);

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