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iptPointerManager() - Image Processing

iptPointerManager(hFigure) creates a pointer
manager in the specified figure. The pointer manager controls pointer
behavior for any Handle Graphics objects in the figure that contain
pointer behavior structures. Use iptSetPointerBehavior to
associate a pointer behavior structure with a particular object to
define specific actions that occur when the mouse pointer moves over
and then leaves the object.  See iptSetPointerBehavior for
more information.iptPointerManager(hFigure, 'disable') disables
the figure's pointer manager.iptPointerManager(hFigure, 'enable') enables
and updates the figure's pointer manager. Note:  

If the figure already contains a pointer manager, iptPointerManager(hFigure) does
not create a new one.  It has the same effect as iptPointerManager(hFigure,


iptPointerManager(hFigure)iptPointerManager(hFigure, 'disable')iptPointerManager(hFigure, 'enable')


h = plot(1:10);
 enterFcn = @(hFigure, currentPoint)...
             set(hFigure, 'Pointer', 'fleur');
 iptSetPointerBehavior(h, enterFcn);

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