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integralBoxFilter3() - Image Processing

B = integralBoxFilter3(intA) filters
integral image intA with a 3-by-3-by-3 box filter. B is
a 3-D image of class double containing the filtered
output.exampleB = integralBoxFilter3(intA,filterSize) filters
integral image intA with a 3-D box filter with
size specified by filterSize. B = integralBoxFilter3(___,Name,Value) filters
integral image intA with a 3-D box filter with
Name-Value pairs to control various aspects of the filtering.


B = integralBoxFilter3(intA)B = integralBoxFilter3(intA,filterSize) exampleB = integralBoxFilter3(___,Name,Value)


Filter 3-D MRI Volume with Box FilterOpen This Example
Load 3-D MRI data.volData = load('mri');
vol = squeeze(volData.D);
Pad the image volume by the radius of the filter neighborhood.filterSize = [5 5 3];
padSize = (filterSize-1)/2;
volPad = padarray(vol, padSize, 'replicate', 'both');
Calculate the 3-D integral image of the padded input.intVol = integralImage3(volPad);
Filter the 3-D integral image with a [5 5 3] filter.volFilt = integralBoxFilter3(intVol, filterSize);

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