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imsubtract() - Image Processing

Z = imsubtract(X,Y) subtracts each element
in array Y from the corresponding element in array X and
returns the difference in the corresponding element of the output
array Z. X and Y are
real, nonsparse numeric arrays of the same size and class, or Y is
a double scalar. The array returned, Z, has the
same size and class as X unless X is
logical, in which case Z is double.If X is an integer array, elements of the output that exceed
the range of the integer type are truncated, and fractional values
are rounded.


Z = imsubtract(X,Y)


X = uint8([ 255 10 75; 44 225 100]);
Y = uint8([ 50 50 50; 50 50 50 ]);
Z = imsubtract(X,Y)
Z =

   205    0   25
    0   175   50

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