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imscrollpanel() - Image Processing

hpanel = imscrollpanel(hparent, himage) creates
a scroll panel containing the target image (the image to be navigated). himage is
a handle to the target image. hparent is a handle
to the figure or uipanel that will contain the new scroll panel. The
function returns hpanel, a handle to the scroll
panel, which is a uipanel object.A scroll panel makes an image scrollable. If the size or magnification
makes an image too large to display in a figure on the screen, the
scroll panel displays a portion of the image at 100% magnification
(one screen pixel represents one image pixel). The scroll panel adds
horizontal and vertical scroll bars to enable navigation around the
image.imscrollpanel changes the object hierarchy
of the target image. Instead of the familiar figure->axes->image
object hierarchy, imscrollpanel inserts several
uipanel and uicontrol objects between the figure and the axes object.


hpanel = imscrollpanel(hparent, himage)


api = iptgetapi(hpanel)

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