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implay() - Image Processing

implay opens the Video Viewer app. You
can use Video Viewer to show MATLABĀ® movies, videos, or image
sequences (also called image stacks). To select the movie or image
sequence that you want to play, use the Video Viewer File menu.
To play the movie, jump to a specific frame in the image sequence,
or change the frame rate of the display use the Video Viewer toolbar
buttons or menu options.  You can open multiple Video Viewers to view
different movies simultaneously.The following figure shows the Video Viewer app containing an
image sequence.
implay(filename) opens the Video Viewer
app, displaying the content of the file specified by filename.
The file can be an Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) file. The Video Viewer
reads one frame at a time, conserving memory during playback. The
Video Viewer does not play audio tracks.implay(I) opens the Video Viewer app, displaying
the first frame in the multiframe image array specified by I. I can
be a MATLAB movie structure, or a sequence of binary, grayscale,
or truecolor images. A binary or grayscale image sequence can be an M-by-N-by-1-by-K array
or an M-by-N-by-K array.
A truecolor image sequence must be an M-by-N-by-3-by-K array.  implay(..., FPS) specifies the rate at
which you want to view the movie or image sequence. The frame rate
is specified as frames-per-second. If omitted, the Video Viewer uses
the frame rate specified in the file or the default value 20.


implayimplay(filename)implay(I)implay(..., FPS)


load cellsequence

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