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impixelregion() - Image Processing

impixelregion creates a
Pixel Region tool associated with the image displayed in the current
figure, called the target image. The Pixel Region tool opens a separate
figure window containing an extreme close-up view of a small region
of pixels in the target image, as shown in the following figure. 
The Pixel Region rectangle defines the area of the target image
that is displayed in the Pixel Region tool. You can move this rectangle
over the target image using the mouse to view different regions. To
get a closer view of the pixels displayed in the tool, use the zoom
buttons on the Pixel Region tool toolbar or change the size of the
Pixel Region rectangle using the mouse. You can also resize the Pixel
Region tool itself to view more or fewer pixels. If the size of the
pixels allows, the tool superimposes the numeric value of the pixel
over each pixel.To get the current position of the Pixel Region rectangle, right-click
on the rectangle and select Copy Position from
the context menu. The Pixel Region tool copies a four-element position
vector to the clipboard. To change the color of the Pixel Region rectangle,
right-click and select Set Color. impixelregion(h) creates
a Pixel Region tool associated with the object specified by the handle h. h can
be a handle to a figure, axes, uipanel, or image object. If h is
a handle to an axes or figure, impixelregion associates
the tool with the first image found in the axes or figure. hfig = impixelregion(...) returns hfig,
a handle of the Pixel Region tool figure.


impixelregionimpixelregion(h)hfig = impixelregion(...)


imshow peppers.png

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