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immagbox() - Image Processing

hbox = immagbox(hparent,himage) creates
a Magnification box for the image displayed in a scroll panel created
by imscrollpanel. hparent is
a handle to the figure or uipanel object that will contain the Magnification
box. himage is a handle to the target image (the
image in the scroll panel). immagbox returns hbox,
which is a handle to the Magnification box uicontrol objectA Magnification box is an editable text box uicontrol that contains
the current magnification of the target image. When you enter a new
value in the magnification box, the magnification of the target image
changes.  When the magnification of the target image changes for any
reason, the magnification box updates the magnification value.


hbox = immagbox(hparent,himage)


api = iptgetapi(hbox)

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