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imguidedfilter() - Image Processing

B = imguidedfilter(A,G) filters
binary, grayscale, or RGB image A using the guided
filter, where the filtering process is guided by image G. G can
be a binary, grayscale or RGB image and must have the same number
of rows and columns as A.exampleB = imguidedfilter(A) filters
input image A under self-guidance, using A itself
as the guidance image. This can be used for edge-preserving smoothing
of image A.B = imguidedfilter(__,Name,Value,...) filters
the image A using name-value pairs to control
aspects of guided filtering. Parameter names can be abbreviated.


B = imguidedfilter(A,G)B = imguidedfilter(A) exampleB = imguidedfilter(__,Name,Value,...)


Perform Edge-Preserving Smoothing Using Guided FilteringOpen This Example
This example shows how to perform edge-preserving smoothing using a guide filter.
Read an image into the workspace.A = imread('pout.tif');
Smooth the image using imguidefilter. In this syntax, imguidedfilter uses the image itself as the guidance image.Ismooth = imguidedfilter(A);
Display the original image and the smoothed image side-by-side.imshowpair(A,Ismooth,'montage');

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