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imextendedmax() - Image Processing

BW = imextendedmax(I,H) returns
the extended-maxima transform for I, which is
the regional maxima of the H-maxima transform. Regional maxima are
connected components of pixels with a constant intensity value, and
whose external boundary pixels all have a lower value. H is
a nonnegative scalar. By default, imextendedmax uses
8-connected neighborhoods for 2-D images and 26-connected neighborhoods
for 3-D images. For higher dimensions, imextendedmax uses conndef(numel(size(I)),'maximal').BW = imextendedmax(I,H,conn) computes
the extended-maxima transform, where conn specifies
the connectivity. Code Generation support:
Yes.MATLAB Function Block support:


BW = imextendedmax(I,H) exampleBW = imextendedmax(I,H,conn)


Perform Extended-Maxima transformOpen This Example
Read image into workspace.I = imread('glass.png');
Calculate the extended-maxima transform.BW = imextendedmax(I,80);
Display original image and transformed image side-by-side.imshowpair(I,BW,'montage')

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