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imdistline() - Image Processing

h = imdistline creates a
Distance tool on the current axes. The function returns h,
a handle to an imdistline object.The Distance tool is a draggable, resizable line, superimposed
on an axes, that measures the distance between the two endpoints of
the line. The Distance tool displays the distance in a text label
superimposed over the line. The tools specifies the distance in data
units determined by the XData and YData properties,
which is pixels, by default. The following figure shows a Distance
tool on an axes.
To move the Distance tool, position the pointer over the line,
the shape changes to the fleur, 
. Click and drag the line
using the mouse. To resize the Distance tool, move the pointer over
either of the endpoints of the line, the shape changes to the pointing
. Click and drag the endpoint of the
line using the mouse. The line also supports a context menu that allows
you to control various aspects of its functioning and appearance.
See Context Menu for more information. Right-click the line to access
the context menu.h = imdistline(hparent) creates
a draggable Distance tool on the object specified by hparent. hparent specifies
the Distance tool's parent, which is typically an axes object, but
can also be any other object that can be the parent of an hggroup
object.h = imdistline(..., x, y) creates
a Distance tool with endpoints located at the locations specified
by the vectors x and y, where x
= [x1 x2] and y =[y1 y2].


h = imdistlineh = imdistline(hparent)h = imdistline(..., x, y)


api = iptgetapi(h)

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