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imdisplayrange() - Image Processing

imdisplayrange creates a
Display Range tool in the current figure. The Display Range tool 
shows the display range of the intensity image or images in the figure.The tool is a uipanel object, positioned in the lower-right
corner of the figure. It contains the text string Display
range: followed by the display range values for the image,
as shown in the following figure.
For an indexed, truecolor, or binary image, the display range
is not applicable and is set to empty ([]).imdisplayrange(h) creates
a Display Range tool in the figure specified by the  handle h,
where h is a handle to an image, axes, uipanel,
or figure object. Axes, uipanel, or figure objects must contain at
least one image object. imdisplayrange(hparent,himage) creates
a Display Range tool in hparent that shows the
display range of himage. himage is
a handle to an image or an array of image handles. hparent is
a handle to the figure or uipanel object that contains the display
range tool.hpanel = imdisplayrange(...) returns
a handle to the Display Range tool uipanel.


imdisplayrangeimdisplayrange(h)imdisplayrange(hparent,himage)hpanel = imdisplayrange(...)



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