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imcontrast() - Image Processing

imcontrast creates an Adjust
Contrast tool in a separate figure that is associated with the grayscale
image in the current figure, called the target image. The Adjust Contrast
tool is an interactive contrast and brightness adjustment tool, shown
in the following figure, that you can use to adjust the black-to-white
mapping used to display the image. When you use the tool, imcontrast adjusts
the contrast of the displayed image by modifying the axes CLim property.
To modify the actual pixel values in the target image, click the Adjust
Data button. (This button is unavailable until you make
a change to the contrast of the image.) For more information about
using the tool, see Tips.

The Adjust Contrast tool can handle grayscale images of class double and single with
data ranges beyond the default display range, which is [0
1]. For these images, imcontrast sets
the histogram limits to fit the image data range, with padding at
the upper and lower bounds.imcontrast(h) creates the
Adjust Contrast tool associated with the image specified by the handle h. h can
be a handle to a figure, axes, uipanel, or image object. If h is
an axes or figure handle, imcontrast uses the first
 image returned by findobj(H,'Type','image').  hfigure = imcontrast(...) returns
a handle to the Adjust Contrast tool figure.


imcontrastimcontrast(h)hfigure = imcontrast(...)



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