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imboxfilt3() - Image Processing

B = imboxfilt3(A) filters
the 3-D image A with a 3-D box filter, 3-by-3-by-3
in size.B = imboxfilt3(A,filterSize) filters
3-D image A with a 3-D box filter with size specified
by filterSize. B = imboxfilt3(___,Name,Value) filters
3-D image A where Name-Value pairs control aspects
of the filtering.


B = imboxfilt3(A) exampleB = imboxfilt3(A,filterSize)B = imboxfilt3(___,Name,Value)


Compute Mean Filter in MRI VolumeOpen This Example
Load 3-D image data into the workspace.volData = load('mri');
vol = squeeze(volData.D);
Filter the image with a 3-D box filter.localMean = imboxfilt3(vol,[5 5 3]);

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