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im2int16() - Image Processing

I2 = im2int16(I) converts the intensity
image I to int16, rescaling
the data if necessary. If the input image is of class int16,
the output image is identical to it.RGB2 = im2int16(RGB) converts the truecolor
image RGB to int16, rescaling
the data if necessary.I = im2int16(BW) converts the binary image BW to
an int16 intensity image, changing false-valued
elements to -32768 and true-valued elements to 32767.gpuarrayB = im2int16(gpuarrayA,___) performs
the conversion on a GPU. The input image and output image are gpuArrays.
This syntax requires the Parallel Computing Toolbox™.Code Generation support:
Yes.MATLAB Function Block support:


I2 = im2int16(I)RGB2 = im2int16(RGB)I = im2int16(BW)gpuarrayB = im2int16(gpuarrayA,___)


I1 = gpuArray(reshape(linspace(0,1,20),[5 4]))
I2 = im2int16(I1)

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