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graydist() - Image Processing

T = graydist(A,mask) computes
the gray-weighted distance transform of the grayscale image A.
Locations where mask is true are
seed locations.T = graydist(A,C,R) uses
vectors C and R to specify the
row and column coordinates of seed locations. T = graydist(A,ind) specifies
the linear indices of seed locations using the vector ind.T = graydist(...,method) specifies
an alternate distance metric. method determines
the chamfer weights that are assigned to the local neighborhood during
outward propagation. Each pixel's contribution to the geodesic time
is based on the chamfer weight in a particular direction multiplied
by the pixel intensity.


T = graydist(A,mask)T = graydist(A,C,R)T = graydist(A,ind)T = graydist(...,method)


A  = magic(3)
T1 = graydist(A,1,1);
T2 = graydist(A,3,3);
T  = T1 + T2

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