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graycoprops() - Image Processing

stats = graycoprops(glcm,properties) calculates
the statistics specified in properties from the
gray-level co-occurence matrix glcm. glcm is
an m-by-n-by-p array
of valid gray-level co-occurrence matrices. If glcm is
an array of GLCMs, stats is an array of statistics
for each glcm.graycoprops normalizes the gray-level co-occurrence
matrix (GLCM) so that the sum of its elements is equal to 1.
Each element (r,c) in the normalized
GLCM is the joint probability occurrence of pixel pairs with a defined
spatial relationship having gray level values r and c in
the image. graycoprops uses the normalized GLCM
to calculate properties.


stats = graycoprops(glcm,properties) example


Range = [0 (size(GLCM,1)-1)^2]

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