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ftrans2() - Image Processing

h = ftrans2(b, t) produces
the two-dimensional FIR filter h that corresponds
to the one-dimensional FIR filter b using the transform t.
(ftrans2 returns h as a computational
molecule, which is the appropriate form to use with filter2.) b must
be a one-dimensional, Type I (even symmetric, odd-length) filter such
as can be returned by fir1, fir2,
or remez in the Signal Processing Toolbox software.
The transform matrix t contains coefficients that
define the frequency  transformation to use. If t is m-by-n and b has
length Q, then h is size  ((m-1)*(Q-1)/2+1)-by-((n-1)*(Q-1)/2+1).h = ftrans2(b) uses the McClellan
transform matrix t.t = [1 2 1; 2 -4 2; 1 2 1]/8;All inputs and outputs should be of class double.


h = ftrans2(b, t)h = ftrans2(b)


t = [1 2 1; 2 -4 2; 1 2 1]/8;

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