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decorrstretch() - Image Processing

S = decorrstretch(A) applies
a decorrelation stretch to an m-by-n-by-nBands image A and
returns the result in S.  S has
the same size and class as A, and the mean and
variance in each band are the same as in A. A can
be an RGB image (nBands = 3) or can have any number
of spectral bands.The primary purpose of decorrelation stretch is visual enhancement.
 Decorrelation stretching is a way to enhance the color differences
in an image.exampleS = decorrstretch(A,name,value...) applies
a decorrelation stretch to the image A, subject
to optional control parameters.


S = decorrstretch(A)S = decorrstretch(A,name,value...) example


Highlight color differences in forest scene
Use decorrelation stretching to highlight elements
in a forest image by exaggerating the color differences. 
[X, map] = imread('forest.tif');
S = decorrstretch(ind2rgb(X,map),'tol',0.01);
subplot(1,2,1), imshow(X,map), title('Original Image')
subplot(1,2,2), imshow(S), title('Enhanced Image')

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