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statistics.mean() Return the sample arithmetic mean of data, a sequence or iterator of real-valued numbers
statistics.median() Return the median (middle value) of numeric data, using the common “mean of middle two” method
statistics.median_grouped() Return the median of grouped continuous data, calculated as the 50th percentile, using interpolation
statistics.median_high() Return the high median of data
statistics.median_low() Return the low median of numeric data
statistics.mode() Return the most common data point from discrete or nominal data
statistics.pstdev() Return the population standard deviation (the square root of the population variance)
statistics.pvariance() Return the population variance of data, a non-empty iterable of real-valued numbers
statistics.stdev() Return the sample standard deviation (the square root of the sample variance)
statistics.variance() Return the sample variance of data, an iterable of at least two real-valued numbers