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Signal Processing

ac2poly() Convert autocorrelation sequence to prediction polynomial.
ac2rc() Convert autocorrelation sequence to reflection coefficients.
alignsignals() Align two signals by delaying earliest signal.
arburg() Autoregressive all-pole model parameters - Burg's method.
arcov() Autoregressive all-pole model parameters - covariance method.
armcov() Autoregressive all-pole model parameters - modified covariance method.
aryule() Autoregressive all-pole model parameters - Yule-Walker method.
bandpower() Band power.
barthannwin() Modified Bartlett-Hann window.
bartlett() Bartlett window.
besselap() Bessel analog lowpass filter prototype.
besself() Bessel analog filter design.
bilinear() Bilinear transformation method for analog-to-digital filterconversion.
bitrevorder() Permute data into bit-reversed order.
blackman() Blackman window.
blackmanharris() Minimum 4-term Blackman-Harris window.
bohmanwin() Bohman window.
buffer() Buffer signal vector into matrix of data frames.
buttap() Butterworth filter prototype.
butter() Butterworth filter design.
buttord() Butterworth filter order and cutoff frequency.
cceps() Complex cepstral analysis.
cconv() Modulo-N circular convolution.
cell2sos() Convert second-order sections cell array to matrix.
cfirpm() Complex and nonlinear-phase equiripple FIR filter design.
cheb1ap() Chebyshev Type I analog lowpass filter prototype.
cheb1ord() Chebyshev Type I filter order.
cheb2ap() Chebyshev Type II analog lowpass filter prototype.
cheb2ord() Chebyshev Type II filter order.
chebwin() Chebyshev window.
cheby1() Chebyshev Type I filter design.
cheby2() Chebyshev Type II filter design.
chirp() Swept-frequency cosine.
conv() Convolution and polynomial multiplication.
conv2() 2-D convolution.
convmtx() Convolution matrix.
corrcoef() Correlation coefficients.
corrmtx() Data matrix for autocorrelation matrix estimation.
cov() Covariance.
cpsd() Cross power spectral density.
cummax() Cumulative maximum.
cummin() Cumulative minimum.
cusum() Detect small changes in mean using cumulative sum.
czt() Chirp Z-transform.
db() Convert energy or power measurements to decibels.
db2mag() Convert decibels to magnitude.
db2pow() Convert decibels to power.
dct() Discrete cosine transform (DCT).
deconv() Deconvolution and polynomial division.
demod() Demodulation for communications simulation.
detrend() Remove linear trends.
dftmtx() Discrete Fourier transform matrix.
digitrevorder() Permute input into digit-reversed order.
diric() Dirichlet or periodic sinc function.
double() Cast coefficients of digital filter to double precision.
dpss() Discrete prolate spheroidal (Slepian) sequences.
dpssclear() Remove discrete prolate spheroidal sequences from database.
dpssdir() Discrete prolate spheroidal sequences database directory.
dpssload() Load discrete prolate spheroidal sequences from database.
dpsssave() Discrete prolate spheroidal or Slepian sequence database.
dspfwiz() Open FDATool Realize Model panel to create Simulink filter block.
dtw() Distance between signals using dynamic time warping.
dutycycle() Duty cycle of pulse waveform.
ellip() Elliptic filter design.
ellipap() Elliptic analog lowpass filter prototype.
ellipord() Minimum order for elliptic filters.
enbw() Equivalent noise bandwidth.
envelope() Signal envelope.
eqtflength() Equalize lengths of transfer function's numerator and denominator.
falltime() Fall time of negative-going bilevel waveform transitions.
fdatool() Open Filter Design and Analysis Tool.
fft() Fast Fourier transform.
fft2() 2-D fast Fourier transform.
fftfilt() FFT-based FIR filtering using overlap-add method.
fftshift() Shift zero-frequency component to center of spectrum.
filt2block() Generate Simulink filter block.
filter2() 2-D digital filter.
filternorm() 2-norm or infinity-norm of digital filter.
filtfilt() Zero-phase digital filtering.
filtic() Initial conditions for transposed direct-form II filter implementation.
filtord() Filter order.
findchangepts() Find abrupt changes in signal.
finddelay() Estimate delay(s) between signals.
findpeaks() Find local maxima.
fir1() Window-based FIR filter design.
fir2() Frequency sampling-based FIR filter design.
fircls() Constrained-least-squares FIR multiband filter design.
fircls1() Constrained-least-squares linear-phase FIR lowpass and highpass filter design.
firls() Least-squares linear-phase FIR filter design.
firpm() Parks-McClellan optimal FIR filter design.
firpmord() Parks-McClellan optimal FIR filter order estimation.
firtype() Type of linear phase FIR filter.
flattopwin() Flat top weighted window.
freqs() Frequency response of analog filters.
freqspace() Frequency spacing for frequency response.
freqz() Frequency response of digital filter.
fvtool() Open Filter Visualization Tool.
fwht() Fast Walsh-Hadamard transform.
gauspuls() Gaussian-modulated sinusoidal pulse.
gaussdesign() Gaussian FIR pulse-shaping filter design.
gausswin() Gaussian window.
gmonopuls() Gaussian monopulse.
goertzel() Discrete Fourier transform with second-order Goertzel algorithm.
grpdelay() Average filter delay (group delay).
hamming() Hamming window.
hampel() Outlier removal using Hampel identifier.
hann() Hann (Hanning) window.
hilbert() Discrete-time analytic signal using Hilbert transform.
icceps() Inverse complex cepstrum.
idct() Inverse discrete cosine transform.
ifft() Inverse fast Fourier transform.
ifft2() 2-D inverse fast Fourier transform.
ifwht() Inverse Fast Walsh-Hadamard transform.
impinvar() Impulse invariance method for analog-to-digital filter conversion.
impz() Impulse response of digital filter.
impzlength() Impulse response length.
intfilt() Interpolation FIR filter design.
invfreqs() Identify continuous-time filter parameters from frequency response data.
invfreqz() Identify discrete-time filter parameters from frequency response data.
is2rc() Convert inverse sine parameters to reflection coefficients.
isallpass() Determine whether filter is allpass.
isdouble() Determine if digital filter coefficients are double precision.
isfir() Determine if digital filter has finite impulse response.
islinphase() Determine whether filter has linear phase.
ismaxphase() Determine whether filter is maximum phase.
isminphase() Determine whether filter is minimum phase.
issingle() Determine if digital filter coefficients are single precision.
isstable() Determine whether filter is stable.
kaiser() Kaiser window.
kaiserord() Kaiser window FIR filter design estimation parameters.
lar2rc() Convert log area ratio parameters to reflection coefficients.
latc2tf() Convert lattice filter parameters to transfer function form.
latcfilt() Lattice and lattice-ladder filter implementation.
levinson() Levinson-Durbin recursion.
lp2bp() Transform lowpass analog filters to bandpass.
lp2bs() Transform lowpass analog filters to bandstop.
lp2hp() Transform lowpass analog filters to highpass.
lp2lp() Change cutoff frequency for lowpass analog filter.
lpc() Linear prediction filter coefficients.
lsf2poly() Convert line spectral frequencies to prediction filter coefficients.
mag2db() Convert magnitude to decibels.
marcumq() Generalized Marcum Q function.
max() Largest elements in array.
maxflat() Generalized digital Butterworth filter design.
mean() Average or mean value of array.
meanfreq() Mean frequency.
medfilt1() 1-D median filtering.
medfreq() Median frequency.
median() Median value of array.
midcross() Mid-reference level crossing for bilevel waveform.
min() Smallest elements in array.
modulate() Modulation for communications simulation.
mscohere() Magnitude-squared coherence.
nuttallwin() Nuttall-defined minimum 4-term Blackman-Harris window .
obw() Occupied bandwidth.
overshoot() Overshoot metrics of bilevel waveform transitions.
parzenwin() Parzen (de la Vallee Poussin) window.
pburg() Autoregressive power spectral density estimate - Burg's method.
pchip() Piecewise Cubic Hermite Interpolating Polynomial (PCHIP).
pcov() Autoregressive power spectral density estimate - covariance method.
peak2peak() Maximum-to-minimum difference.
peak2rms() Peak-magnitude-to-RMS ratio.
peig() Pseudospectrum using eigenvector method.
periodogram() Periodogram power spectral density estimate.
phasedelay() Phase delay of digital filter.
phasez() Phase response of digital filter.
plomb() Lomb-Scargle periodogram.
pmcov() Autoregressive power spectral density estimate - modified covariance method.
pmtm() Multitaper power spectral density estimate.
pmusic() Pseudospectrum using MUSIC algorithm.
poly2ac() Convert prediction filter polynomial to autocorrelation sequence.
poly2lsf() Convert prediction filter coefficients to line spectral frequencies.
poly2rc() Convert prediction filter polynomial to reflection coefficients.
polyscale() Scale roots of polynomial.
polystab() Stabilize polynomial.
pow2db() Convert power to decibels.
powerbw() Power bandwidth.
prony() Prony method for filter design.
pulseperiod() Period of bilevel pulse.
pulsesep() Separation between bilevel waveform pulses.
pulsewidth() Bilevel waveform pulse width.
pulstran() Pulse train.
pwelch() Welch's power spectral density estimate.
pyulear() Autoregressive power spectral density estimate - Yule-Walker method.
randn() Normally distributed random numbers.
rc2ac() Convert reflection coefficients to autocorrelation sequence.
rc2is() Convert reflection coefficients to inverse sine parameters.
rc2lar() Convert reflection coefficients to log area ratio parameters.
rc2poly() Convert reflection coefficients to prediction filter polynomial.
rceps() Real cepstrum and minimum phase reconstruction.
rcosdesign() Raised cosine FIR pulse-shaping filter design.
rectpuls() Sampled aperiodic rectangle.
rectwin() Rectangular window.
resample() Resample uniform or nonuniform data to new fixed rate.
residuez() Z-transform partial-fraction expansion.
risetime() Rise time of positive-going bilevel waveform transitions.
rlevinson() Reverse Levinson-Durbin recursion.
rms() Root-mean-square level.
rooteig() Frequency and power content using eigenvector method.
rootmusic() Root MUSIC algorithm.
rpmfreqmap() Frequency-RPM map for order analysis.
rpmordermap() Order-RPM map for order analysis.
rssq() Root-sum-of-squares level.
sawtooth() Sawtooth or triangle wave.
schurrc() Compute reflection coefficients from autocorrelation sequence.
seqperiod() Compute period of sequence.
settlingtime() Settling time for bilevel waveform.
sfdr() Spurious free dynamic range.
sgolay() Savitzky-Golay filter design.
sgolayfilt() Savitzky-Golay filtering.
shiftdata() Shift data to operate on specified dimension.
sin() Sine of argument in radians.
sinad() Signal to noise and distortion ratio.
sinc() Sinc function.
single() Cast coefficients of digital filter to single precision.
slewrate() Slew rate of bilevel waveform.
snr() Signal-to-noise ratio.
sos2cell() Convert second-order sections matrix to cell array.
sos2ss() Convert digital filter second-order section parameters to state-space form.
sos2tf() Convert digital filter second-order section data to transfer function form.
sos2zp() Convert digital filter second-order section parameters to zero-pole-gain form.
sosfilt() Second-order (biquadratic) IIR digital filtering.
spectrogram() Spectrogram using short-time Fourier transform.
spline() Cubic spline data interpolation.
sptool() Open interactive digital signal processing tool.
square() Square wave.
ss() Convert digital filter to state-space representation.
ss2sos() Convert digital filter state-space parameters to second-order sections form.
ss2tf() Convert state-space representation to transfer function.
ss2zp() Convert state-space filter parameters to zero-pole-gain form.
statelevels() State-level estimation for bilevel waveform with histogram method.
std() Standard deviation.
stem() Plot discrete sequence data.
stepz() Step response of digital filter.
stmcb() Compute linear model using Steiglitz-McBride iteration.
strips() Strip plot.
taylorwin() Taylor window.
tf() Convert digital filter to transfer function.
tf2latc() Convert transfer function filter parameters to lattice filter form.
tf2sos() Convert digital filter transfer function data to second-order sections form.
tf2ss() Convert transfer function filter parameters to state-space form.
tf2zp() Convert transfer function filter parameters to zero-pole-gain form.
tf2zpk() Convert transfer function filter parameters to zero-pole-gain form.
tfestimate() Transfer function estimate.
thd() Total harmonic distortion.
toi() Third-order intercept point.
triang() Triangular window.
tripuls() Sampled aperiodic triangle.
tukeywin() Tukey (tapered cosine) window.
udecode() Decode 2n-level quantized integer inputs to floating-point outputs.
uencode() Quantize and encode floating-point inputs to integer outputs.
undershoot() Undershoot metrics of bilevel waveform transitions.
unshiftdata() Inverse of shiftdata.
unwrap() Correct phase angles to produce smoother phase plots.
upfirdn() Upsample, apply FIR filter, and downsample.
upsample() Increase sampling rate by integer factor .
var() Variance.
vco() Voltage controlled oscillator.
wintool() Open Window Design and Analysis Tool.
wvtool() Open Window Visualization Tool .
xcorr() Cross-correlation.
xcorr2() 2-D cross-correlation.
xcov() Cross-covariance.
yulewalk() Recursive digital filter design.
zerophase() Zero-phase response of digital filter.
zp2sos() Convert zero-pole-gain filter parameters to second-order sections form.
zp2ss() Convert zero-pole-gain filter parameters to state-space form.
zp2tf() Convert zero-pole-gain filter parameters to transfer function form.
zpk() Convert digital filter to zero-pole-gain representation.
zplane() Zero-pole plot.