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AAA Ascii Adjust after Addition.
AAD Ascii Adjust After Division.
ADC Add with Carry.
ADD Addition of 2 numbers.
CBW Convert Byte to Word.
CLC Clear Carry.
CLD Clear Direction Flag.
CLI Clear Interrupt Flag.
CMC Complement Carry Flag.
CMP Compare
CMPSB String Compare
CMPSW String Comparison. (word)
CWD Convert word to double word.
DAA Decimal Adjust After Addition.
DAS Decimal adjust After Subtraction.
DEC Decrement
DIV Unsigned Division.
HLT Halt the System.
IDIV Division of Signed Number.
IMUL Multiplication of Signed Numbers
IN Get Input from PORT.
INC Increment
INT Interrupt call
INTO Interrupt 4
IRET Interrupt Return.
JA Jump if Above.
JAE Jump if Above or Equal.
JB Jump if Below
JBE Jump if Below or Equal.
JCXZ Jump if CX = 0.
JE Jump if Equal.
JG Jump if Greater.
JGE Jump if Greater or Equal.
JL Jump if Less.
JLE Jump if Less or Equal.
JMP Unconditional Jump.
JNA Jump if not above.
JNAE Jump if Not Above and Not Equal.
JNB Jump if Not Below.
JNBE Jump if Not Below and Not Equal.
JNC Jump if no Carry.
JNE Jump if Not Equal.
JNG Jump if Not Greater.
JNGE Jump if Not Greater and Not Equal.
JNL Jump if Not Less.
JNLE Jump if Not Less and Not Equal.
JNO Jump if No Overflow.
JNP Jump if Not Parity.
JNS Jump if SF=0 (Sign Flag).
JNZ Jump if Not Zero.
JO Jump if Overflow.
JP Jump if Parity (Even Parity).
JPE Jump if Even Parity.
JPO Jump if Odd Parity.
JS Jump if Signed.
JZ Jump if Zero.
LAHF Load AH from 8 low bits of Flags register.
LDS Load memory double word into word register and DS.
LEA Load Effective Address.
LES Load memory double word into word register and ES.
LODSB String Instruction. Load String.
LODSW String Instruction. Load String Word.
LOOP Decrease CX, jump to label if CX not zero.
LOOPE Loop if Zero Flag is set.
LOOPNE Loop if Not Equal.
LOOPNZ Decrease CX, jump to label if CX not zero and ZF = 0.
LOOPZ Decrease CX, jump to label if CX not zero and ZF = 1.
MOV Copy operand2 to operand1.
MOVSB String Copy Instruction (Byte).
MOVSW String Copy Instruction (Word).
MUL Unsigned Multiplication.
NEG Negative of Operand.
NOP No Operation.
NOT Perform Logical NOT (Invert each bit).
OR Performs Logical OR.
OUT Output data to Port (I/O Ports).
POP POP's Data from Stack.
POPF POP Flag Register.
PUSH Push data to Stack.
PUSHF Store flags register in the stack.
RCL Rotate Left through Carry.